11 Jul

To everyone out there who loves my recipes as much as I do, thank you!  A lot of people have purchased their own copy of my cookbook, Paleo Made Easy (see right), and love it!  Again, thank you!  As you can see beneath the “buy now” button (see right) is a paragraph containing specific instructions.  I included this paragraph because a handful of people forgot to actually download the cookbook after purchasing it! Once you close the browser window your chances of download are ZERO, so please be careful and follow the instructions!  IF you do follow my instructions and still encounter a problem, as I stated, PLEASE CONTACT ME SO I CAN PERSONALLY EMAIL YOU A COPY IMMEDIATELY!  There is no need to wait around for a month or two thinking something is going to show up in the mail.  Nothing is going to show up in the mail.  This is a downloadable PDF, an e-cookbook!  I made it this way for the ease of all parties involved.

If you love my recipes and are interested in my cookbook (146 pages in length) click “buy now”.  Submit your payment through PayPal.  Do not close your browser window, do not navigate away from the page.  PayPal will automatically redirect you to a new page.  When your new page loads find the button that reads “Download 1.88MB”.  Click this button to download your personal PDF copy of Paleo Made Easy 2011.

Enjoy your new cookbook and all of its paleo goodness 🙂

Again, any problem contact me immediately.  Leave a comment here (or on any post).  Message me through the Facebook link (see right).  Just let me know and I will fix it.  If you purchase a cookbook I want to make sure you get to enjoy it right away!

Thanks ~ Deanna 🙂


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