Paleo Toffee Cashew Bar

29 Jun

Larabars are always popular amongst paleo peeps.  It is quite possibly the only paleo food found in a wrapper.  Of course I’m speaking of the original Larabars, the ones that are simply nuts, dates, sometimes some dried fruit.  Not the ones with peanuts or brown rice syrup.  Feel like making your own at home?  Easy!  Cashew cookie is the favorite Larabar of most people I know, so I decided to make it from scratch, but put my own twist on it.  My twist?  A little toffee flavor.


1 cup raw whole cashews

18-20 pitted dates

40 drops Sweet Leaf English Toffee (English toffee flavored liquid stevia)

Paleo toffee cashew bar

Paleo toffee cashew bar


Roughly process cashews in your food processor, set aside.  Process dates in food processor with English Toffee liquid stevia until they form a ball.  I mixed the dates into the cashews by hand and then put the combination back into the food processor and pulsed it until well blended.  I poured the mixture into a small baking dish and pressed firmly into an ~ 3.5 x 6 inch rectangle.  Cut the rectangle into four 3.5 x 1.5 inch bars.  That’s it!  Fast and simple!

My paleo toffee cashew bar vs cashew cookie Larabar

My paleo toffee cashew bar vs cashew cookie Larabar


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