Paleo & Whole30 Pulled Pork

20 Jan

This is John’s amazing creation.  AMAZING!  In warmer weather it will be smoked over applewood chips, but in the winter it gets oven roasted.  If you love flavor like we do and you have some time and a small army to feed this is the recipe for you!  Pulled pork is always a favorite and to keep it paleo/Whole30 serve it on a bed of mashed sweet potato.  Or you can do what I did with leftovers for the playoff football game:  “bake” a sweet potato in the microwave (simply use the “potato” button), microwave leftover pulled pork for 1 minute, stuff pork into baked potato, top with paleo/Whole30 North Carolina sauce and proceed to stuff your face in front of the television.  Doesn’t get faster than that!  As far as the time factor for making the original batch of pulled pork goes, about 98% of it is simply waiting for the pork to come to temperature in the oven, not actual hands on work.


6-8 pound bone in pork butt

6-8 sweet potatoes

Spice rub for the meat (if you have extra save it for next time)

2 tbl. kosher or sea salt

1 tbl. ground pepper

1 tbl. ground cumin

2 tbl. chili powder

1 tbl. onion powder

1 tbl. garlic powder

1 tsp. ground mustard

1/4 tsp. cayenne powder

Whole30 North Carolina Sauce

6oz can tomato paste

2-3 cups apple cider vinegar

4oz (~1/2 cup) unsweetened applesauce

2 tbl. lemon juice

3 tbl. mustard

1 tbl. dehydrated onion

1-2 tbl. of the spice rub

Whole30 pulled pork over mashed sweet potato with oven roasted carrots and brussels sprouts

Whole30 pulled pork over mashed sweet potato with oven roasted carrots and brussels sprouts


Preheat oven to 250°F.  Mix the ingredients of the spice rub together and pat/rub all sides of meat until the pork is liberally coated.  Insert a digital temperature probe into the center mass of the meat (avoiding the bone) and place the roast on a rack in a roasting pan.  Roast the pork in the oven until the internal temperature reaches 180°F.  Remove pork from oven and cool until safe to handle/pull with your fingers (or use meat hooks if you have them).

You can bake your potatoes in the oven while the pork is roasting, at this low temperature it should take 3.5-4 hours for the sweet potatoes to cook to fork tender.

While the pork is cooling make the sauce.  Whisk all ingredients together and, while mixing, bring to a boil over medium high heat.  Once sauce is at a boil reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.  Use an immersion blender or transfer to a blender or food processor to smooth the sauce.

Remove the bone and shred the pork in the roasting pan with the pork drippings/juices.  You can toss it with the sauce now or leave it as is and pour sauce over when serving.  Remove sweet potato from skins, mash, and serve topped with pulled pork and sauce.

Whole30 pulled pork stuffed sweet potato

Whole30 pulled pork stuffed sweet potato

Everyone enjoyed dinner and the best thing after a slightly spicy dinner is a little something sweet.  I whipped up a batch of Whole30 sorbet for everyone.  I had to double the recipe to accommodate the number of people.  I used 2 cups mango, 2 cups strawberries, 1 cup raspberries, ~2/3 cup full fat coconut milk.  Topped with toasted almond slices (for those who wanted them) and a fresh raspberry.  Absolutely amazing meal!

Whole30 Mango raspberry strawberry sorbet

Whole30 Mango raspberry strawberry sorbet


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